Great Program for All Ages

...Well Suited for all Orchestras!

The Magic of Music is a 45 minute show.

The show is completely self contained requiring no special lighting, stage requirements, or extra technical staff.

"Magic Of Music" delivered on both promises: the magic wowed the audience, and the music delighted them (and, not incidentally, taught them something about how music communicates). The program was well-conceived, artfully performed and was easy to put together on one rehearsal. It was one of the best family concerts we've ever presented.
Maestro Steve Larson
Music Director, Rockford Symphony Orchestra


"The Magic of Music with Michael Folker is every conductor's dream. Here is a symphonic children's concert featuring great music that educates and entertains both students and teachers.  It is a surefire winner for any orchestra wanting an affordable kids concert where the orchestra is the star.  The orchestra loves it and the audience loves it.  You can't lose."

Maestro Robert Hanson
Music Director, Elgin Symphony Orchestra


"My congratulations to the LaPorte County Symphony Orchestra for its marvelous and entertaining program on Feb. 16.  Maestro Bauman was a good foil for the Amazing Michael Folker, a magician extraordinaire.  The combination of the music and magic was well orchestrated as the audience, young and old, got a smattering of great classical music with delightfully entertaining magical wonders.  I wouldn't mind a repeat of this combination next year.!"

Mary Kelly, LaPorte resident
(to the editor of LaPorte Herald-Angus News)