Expect the Unexpected
Starting with the vanishing of a "boombox" during the dramatic opening of Thus Sprach Zarathustra to producing a 24 foot rainbow colored streamer symbolizing the end of Beethoven's Storm,to the dramatic finale which features Charles Ive's, Variations on American complete with red, white, and blue themed illusions and a spectacular production of an American Flag, each illusion is specifically created to feature and highlight various apsects of the orchestra and the symphonic repertoire.

"Kids oohed and aahed with every act of faith, which, after all is said and done, is at the heart of magic"
"Children and adults alike want to believe, and enjoy having the wool pulled over their eyes. Michael Folker pulled that wool again and again..." Refering to audience reaction the reviewer writes: "On and off like light switches, smiles lit up ....and were magical in themselves." --- George Rawlinson, The Elgin Courier News, Elgin, Illinois
The interplay between the magician, the maestro, and the members of the orchestra create a show that is not only fun for the audience but one that is truly enjoyable for everyone on stage.